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Innovation Enabled Revenue in Sports

The below is an image of a Sponsorship Program {or Proposal} and is evident almost all of it is possible only due to new innovation which has been adopted by sport as a medium of Advertising and Promoting their sponsors to the fans of the team, sport.

Some of the innovation in sports which have led to revenue creation for teams are;

Tickets – The legacy of Supply and Demand. The eternal revenue stream of sports. 1858–the first athletic event requiring paid admission was held. The innovation has been its transition from print to digital. However, till date its use and value ends with entry inside stadium

Sponsor – 1870, Tobacco cards were the first promotion of a product not related to the sports industry, through the use of sports.

Sport Broadcast – The first game to be live telecasted the 1936 Olympics

Naming Rights 1954, Baseball stadium Sportsman’s Park has its naming rights sold to brewery Anheuser Busch, becoming known as Busch Park, a first in the world of sports and advertising.

Jersey Front Sponsor 1967, Wormatia Worms sported the letters “CAT” on their jersey

Giant Screen in Stadium - 1980– At the start of the eighties decade the first large screen was installed in Dodger Stadium

by Mitsubishi.

LED Perimeter Boards – Appeared in 1994/95 season in LaLiga.

ENRICH 2023, The software which enables your club to provide a “Complete Communication” package to sponsors.

Display of sponsor video on mobile of Every Fan delivers

(1) Strongest Bond between Sponsor and Club

(2) Establishes a Need for the Product/Service

{more so if the video features team players}

(3) Brand Presence and Recall

Providing of Coupon from Sponsors delivers (1) A “Call-to-Action” leading to SALES {non-existing before in sponsorship}

Use of Ticket ensures (1) Rise in Intrinsic Value of Ticket {price too can be raised}

(2) Fan Experience. No Luck Factor. Every Fan is a WINNER

MAJOR INNOVATOR - It comes as no surprise that the broadcasters have been the major innovators and earners

With ENRICH enable your Club to innovate and generate revenue while engaging every fan in the stadium.

NO hardware investment. Subscribe yearly to ENRICH and add it as a deliverable of the club in its Sponsor Program. Reach us by emailing to to get a customized trial version of ENRICH to experience it full potential at your club.

Written by Metanoic Minds for ENRICH

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