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What is ENRICH?

ENRICH is a platform released as an app built on latest AI, ML backed with data on the use, powers of "Video" as a form of communication elevating events Sponsorship Packages by transforming sponsorship from being about visibility to become a medium for Customer Connect.

Today, sponsors at events attain visibility but struggle with Customer Connect. With ENRICH we provide;  
Organizers: With a new sponsorship deliverable that attracts both sponsors and attendees opening 

                    NEW Revenue Channel
Sponsors: We make their investment in sponsorship work as a customer connect - initiating 

                 conversations, generating leads and leading to sales.
Attendees: We ensure that every attendee gets a digital reward 

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Its process of getting a company to reduce cost of event by paying in cash, product or service in exchange for the company (sponsor) receiving tangible (physical and measurable) benefits that event offers.

Sponsorship is not an act of charity – it must show some form of positive return on investment

To make a sponsorship program successful, events must offer something in return for the company's support. Corporate sponsors want to know that their investment is being utilized to further their business objectives, increases their visibility.


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The core tech of ENRICH. It converts events name to become a Digital Functionary and discharge responsibilities as a, Connector, Engager and Revenue Generator.


Why Name? The event name is its most marketed asset being present in all communications and promotion with presence at event venue.

ENRICH enables event attendees to use the app and scan event name from event ticket on event days to avail their assured digital reward by watching a video of a event sponsor


Digital Reward: All sponsors make use of marketing offers to attain sales and ENRICH enables them to communicate their digital coupon, vouchers to attendees of the company sponsored events

Video establishes brand presence, recall and coupon is a "Call-to-Action" for sales. For B2Bs the coupon is replaced with free trials and onboarding forms.

The approach and functioning of ENRICH is customizable to any genre of event from live entertainment like award shows to performances; conferences; demo days; expos; sporting action, summits and trade shows 

Add ENRICH to your event sponsorship package and offer new promotion to your sponsors, assured reward to your attendees and Grow Event Revenue.

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ENRICH Notification

ENRICH in-App Notifications functions in multiple manners depending on the nature of the event - Fest and Sport; Conference, Demo Days and Expo; Concerts and Theatre.  ​

According to the event ENRICH Notification can be used to;

Fest and Sports - Promoting sponsors over duration of event

Conferences, Demo Days, Expo - Promoting sponsors in sync with their sponsorship package. If a sponsor has sponsored a talk session, the sponsor notification message will be sent to all attendees during the sponsored talk, adding a much needed "Call-to-Action" enabling attendees to connect

Concert and Theatre - Promotion of book {play adaptation} and purchase, subscription of content {book, music} by the performers 

ENRICH Greetings

Quotes give motivation and encouragement when read. A good thought brightens up ones day with positivity and euphoria.

ENRICH greets each user every time with a different quote making their use of ENRICH app unique from the start.

Attendees will be able to submit their choice of quotes of which some will be selected and presented as an ENRICH Quote Greeting accompanied with the sender`s name and event attended enabling them to see their name in the app


ENRICH has in-app games for nothing breeds engagement like games. 

The current games highlight the benefit and association of sponsorship

Customized, curated games can be developed on the theme of the event which can promote and hence be sponsored by your sponsors.

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ENRICH Dedicated Page

Listing your event with a dedicated page in-ENRICH adds to your promotion networks and is not just about stating the dates and venues but goes beyond to showcase your events, the past versions and the upcoming edition, making an impression and connecting with new attendees.

Start with a synopsis and get them curious to know in detail about your event.  

ENRICH Registration and Ticketing

RSVPs, Registration, Free event or Ticketing, ENRICH is equipped to technologically and in a secure manner address all your event needs.

Stipulate and attain extra needed information from your attendees - Name, Email ID, Mobile Number


DATA, the treasure trove of today. Running your event on ENRICH enables you to the data gathered, attained by attendees on completion of event.

Study the performance of your event, the progress of your sponsors and the attendees behaviour to identify new patterns and set the bar higher with each event by understanding and fulfilling the needs of your sponsors and attendees.

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