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The competition

- All other hosting venues 

The high profile guests will checkout at end of their event and will lodge at different venues as arranged by their organizers

A Major Source of Hotel promotion is by becoming Hospitality Partner


Sponsored Teams: The sponsored team lodge at hotel owned facilities

Sponsored Tournaments: The league officials lodge at hotel properties

Sponsored Conferences: The speakers lodge at the hotel properties

Sponsored Events: The artists, performers lodge at hotel properties

*But what about the FANS? The Hospitality Partnership is operative Only for the duration of their work. The athletes, celebrities may not be repeat customers as they will lodge at different lodging facilities provide by different organizers.


The pandemic is Over.

The crowds are Back.

For increased revenue an Activation which will connect with Every Attendee at the tournaments, concerts, conferences is needed.

 We help you achieve this connection and resulting footfalls.

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The challenge

- Getting footfalls from the fans after completion of celebrity event     (Sports, Concerts)

Pg2-Heading Big.png

We position your hotel as the best Hosting Venue

We connect with every individual

attendee to get Repeat Customer

Technologically adding to your Deliverables and their Experiences


-Other venues across

Hotels, Conventional Halls,

Public Grounds, Resorts

The challenge

Attain repeat customers – Dining and

Lodging at the hotel from amongst

the attendees

The video shows some of the hosting services, events hosted at hotels. The below shows at Hotel events like New Year Parties

Pg2-Video Second GIF.gif

Our tech enables us to make tickets and mobile landing pages for all events hosted at the venue

Our copyrighted, patented tech ENRICH adds Experience to any event hosted at the premises.

All events are sponsored and including at demo days sponsored by tech giants like Amazon, Google, they want Customers, Sales from the attending startup entrepreneurs

The expos too want footfall and sales

At hotel sponsored events like New Year Party with overhead of paying the performing artists


As, “Hospitality Partner” many teams, tournaments and events are sponsored by your Hotel establishment.

Now with ENRICH every fan, attendee at the sponsored events will be able to scan his/her ticket in ENRICH app and be displayed with a non-skippable video of your Hotel which will be followed by any promotional, marketing message across Discount for Lodging and Dining.

Enable attendees attending any event at Hotel to take image of event Ticket or Logo and get rewarded

How ENRICH Works. Open app from play store

Take image of event logo or ticket of

event hosted at the Hotel

Watch non-skippable video advertisement

Get rewarded with a Coupon (equivalent)


As a Value Added Service this will display besides the hotel video, offers also that of the sponsors of the event connecting them with the attendees in a never before manner displaying their commercials, offers leading for sales. This can be used to promote the songs, content by the performing artists at hotel events.

Please use the below to express your interest in ENRICH and explore how our customized tech can help you add latest Value Added Services to position your hosting venues as the premier locations.

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