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Jersey Launch...Seeing is Believing NOT Buying

A major event in sports, Jersey Launch.

Though the event consists mainly to generate marketing content for the kit makers with the players modelling the kits {home and away} and talking about the feel and colours in the kit and how it inspires them to perform better, the main intention of a jersey launch is to create HYPE.

Hype, a part of the marketing plan ahead of every jersey launch is to create enough hype about it within the fanbase so that, when the T-shirts come out, the fans not only know about it but are virtually standing in line to get their hands on one of them.

A jersey becomes a walking billboard for the sponsors of the team as a result of which the fans "SEE" the sponsors. The fans also buy official club products along with jersey BUT they never as such engage directly with the sponsors, not even the ones featured on the jersey.

The jersey itself is a result of Innovation + Marketing. While the sport business thrives on visibility based consumption, for brands and businesses the most important metric is that of SALES and currently all sponsorship is based on visibility.

With ENRICH we have created a new channel which ensures a Connection between your Sponsors and Fans wherein Every Individual Fan is Rewarded by the Club and the Club in turn Generates Revenue for rewarding the fans. Now your fans will not only "see" your sponsors but also engage with them.

As a new service provided by the club to its sponsors, reach us at the earliest at by sending an email to to get your FREE customized demo of ENRICH and experience its use, potential at your club.

Written by Metanoic Minds for ENRICH.

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