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making the MOST of Sponsorships


Behind the showmanship, is lots of hard work and massive investments

Sports is expensive. Hosting of sporting events have become even more expensive such that even states and countries are no longer able to afford them.

Broadcasting success might get people world over from their homes to follow the sporting fixtures BUT what a sport needs to be a success is to become a part of the robust economy of the host venue - promote and assist growth of associated businesses, increase consumption of goods and services for making a vibrant economy 

A profit has to be attained by the organizers, hosts and teams in order for sport to be more viable 

ENRICH helps you generate revenue from sporting events and get spectators in the stadiums.

Sports-stadium investment.png

Any sporting event immediately looks at infrastructure development which is most needed to assist improved performance of athletes but are high in cost and yield results, if any decades after.

Stadium revamp add time consuming and expensive

The innovation in sports has been in the area of fitness, tracking and broadcasting while the revenue sources of sports has remained unchanged for over a period of 60 Years

To make sports more viable, NEW revenue sources have to be introduced and to make  sports successful, a bonding with the host economy has to be developed to make the people get associated with the event.

ENRICH provides this bonding with the host economy, a new revenue source that assists in increased marketing of the event for its consumption by ticket purchases

The need from sports is different for all - Organizers, Teams, Athletes and Spectators. ENRICH fulfils them ALL.


Passion Will BUT Economy Wont

Though passion for cricket runs deep in Jamaica, the birthplace of many West Indies legends, economic realities mean the country will be unable to host matches in the upcoming T20 World Cup. Jamaican children may still emulate their cricketing heroes, but they will be deprived of seeing them play live, unlike fans in neighboring nations. This unfortunate situation stems not from waning interest in the sport, but rather from the prohibitive costs of hosting games in the face of rampant inflation.

While people's enthusiasm and love for sports can drive them to participate and enjoy various activities, the economic aspect often plays a crucial role in determining the resources, infrastructure, and opportunities available for the growth and development of sports.

The statement of Jamaica being unable to host the games can be read in the link -

Have mentioned only one of batsman, bowler and allrounder from Jamaica and the list of its cricketing legends is at -

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Sports Sponsorship - The Revenue Lifeline of Athletes and Teams.

Jersey sponsorship is said to have started in 1967, almost 56 years ago

and still remains one of the core revenue source and engagement mediums for each jersey release every year is heralded with a Launch event wherein the athletes talk about the colour, the design and the crest of the team as motivational factors to perform better. 


While there remains no certainty between Design and Winning, with ENRICH you can add more layers linking and connecting the Team, its Sponsors and the Fans in a Brand Building and Revenue Generating manner.

Express your interest in the latest AI, ML powered technology ENRICH by clicking on the above link and connecting with us.

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