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Affordability of Sport

It is well known and established that a need for sport exists, as it should across all the levels ranging from the amateur hobbyist to the pinnacle of professionalism.

Sport gives a felling of belonging of togetherness which is evident by what every home team, athlete receives. It is habit forming and character building. The aftermath of sport – content, talk about the event that happened is one of the best ice-breaker and initiator of conversation cutting across the barrier of ranks and at times even creating friends from amongst strangers.

Sport inspires to both the live spectators at the venue and those thousands of miles away watching its live telecast or repeat broadcast.

Sport personifies the saying, “Imitation is the best form of flattery” for inspired by the professionals in sports albeit more from the path breakers {those who start a relatively unknow sport in the country} and the champions, people starting from kids take to sport by mimicking the action of these professionals that they have been exposed to and seen in action.

The promotion of sport is such that today it is a Business. Most sporting events though functioning on grants are funded as they contribute to the economy. The host aim to salvage as much economical boost from the event as possible from both press presence and actual consumer commercialism.

A old research that I read stated that from age of 15+ onwards almost 95% of people had seen sport either as a spectator or its telecast and a majority of them are inspired to become physically active.

There are a plethora of bodies which aim to address various different life needs through the medium of sports. As like education, sport too is said to be made accessible to all.

One way in which all of the above is achieved is by exhibition match – it is covered intensively, a vast major the population watch it and thus starts the circle of inspiration. But, what happens when the sport is deemed to be too costly? What happens when a nation, marked to be the fastest growing and a massive investor in sport with gravity defying cash surplus claims inability to afford a sport?

As evident from the above image it is well established that the country from which all its leaders eminent, established leaders and founders from the just started idea stage startup have written billion of words about the FIFA World Cup and on the player, Lionel Messi in particular, even cheered as if he represented them with the more fortunate {rich} ones managing to get memorabilia’s from the match and the player himself were as a country unable to afford an opportunity to have him display and impress one and all in the nation with his legendary skills.

One can even inspire from silence but never with invisibility.

Perhaps, the lack of the most needed resource – Money, would have been possible by opening of new revenue channels. A revenue channel which will attract sponsors with the lure of connecting with the 100,000 fans in the stadium. A revenue channel which will enable the organizers to encash on the sport as like the broadcaster but in a non-disturbing and rather engaging manner providing an experience beneficial to all – The Fans, The Organizers, The Sponsors.

We have made one such platform, ENRICH which delivers the above and can be subscribed to be used as an asset at/by any sporting body – tournament or team. We help governing bodies of sports add new deliverables to their events which will make hosting them an even more integral part of the host venue economy. It is no longer sufficient to have a bidding process, get the member nations actually and actively bidding. It is not about being broke. The surplus revenue will enable investment towards better facilities to increase in prize and participation. What got you here, will not get you there. The adage holds true – give your sport, your sponsors a new medium to connect with your fans, their customer base. Give your fans an experience with the game. Reach us at to know more about how we bring innovation for a new revenue channel at your tournaments, teams.

Written by Metanoic Minds for ENRICH.


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