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Business Events - Organized for Profit. 

Business events are large gatherings where professionals carry out business-related activities, such as showcasing their products and services, identifying and connecting with prospective clients and customers.


To cater to all, these events often blend leisure with professional activities, such as conferences and exhibitions.

A successful event needs to deliver something for everyone - Organisers, Sponsors {including Exhibitors} and Attendees.


It starts with an IDEA.

Now that the event has a concept, a mission it is time to start reaching out to Sponsors and Exhibitors {vendors} to associate with and participate in the event.

The number of sponsors and exhibitors add credibility to the event besides assisting in the growth of the event to become even more bigger and attain a position of high importance and a, "must visit" status

Everyone WANTS Something

Sponsors too want something in return for their financing sponsorship commitments. They need deliverables from organizers. Namely - (1) Promotion

               (2) Customer Connect

The ability of an event in promoting is in sync with its sponsorship packages.

The more successful the promotion, the more escalated is the pricing of its sponsorship packages.

A event ensuring a higher connect for the sponsors with prospective customers from amongst the attendees is able to generate more attention and interest from businesses who are willing to become sponsors.

Addressing the pain point of exhibitors {often doubling-up as sponsors} by assisting them in initiating conversation with the attendees adds to the overall success of business events.

Promotion is done on all platforms, from print to digital. It COSTS.

However, it is this promotion {reach} that features and is heavily mentioned in all Event Sponsorship Packages.

All sponsorship pitches and packages are keen to mention their reach and promotional channels BUT do not commit on Customer Connect.

For sponsors {and vendors} Customer Connect is much more valuable then having their logos on promotional content. 

If you build, they will come - does not work. Having a stall at an event does not assure footfalls or connect. Initiating conversation with strangers is still the most daunting task for even veterans of expos.

The below highlights some of the deliverables provided by event organizers to sponsors and exhibitors.

A summation of Sponsorship Packages. 

Please click on image for an enlarged view

ENRICH it is not just an events app. It is the new age technology made for Organizers to Generate Income by providing Sponsors and Exhibitors with Customer Connect.

If mere name dropping {mentioning name of sponsors on promotional content} elicits interest and generates sponsorship income from businesses as sponsors IMAGINE how much more they will be willing to pay YOU (Organisers) to display their company, brand video on the device of every individual attendee and follow it up with lead generating forms, product sign-ups and SALES.

Video by default is the most preferred form of marketing establishing strongest brand presence and recall, form is the globally proven approach to gather leads.

Organisers subscribe to ENRICH and make more money by providing your sponsors, exhibitors with Customer Connect in an non-invasive approach that elevates the experience of attendees.

ENRICH  offers you, the Organisers an array of services to select from and to further customize and Generate MORE Revenue by Giving More to each of your event Sponsor, Exhibitor and Attendees

In the dark ages, the LOGO was an identity of mere intrinsic value but today in the world of modern technology empower your LOGO with ENRICH and make it become a digitally active functionary for Promotion, Engagement and Revenue. 


Please click on image for an enlarged view

ENRICH your next upcoming event instantly with our ZERO Code Event Platform, ENRICH, by using the below option

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