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The Power of the LOGO

For any event, expo, fair to be successful it needs to be able to bring together and unite under its banner - exhibitors and attendees. The former promoting their products, services and the later being the targeted prospective customers.

The reason for investing in stall space is to attain connection with the attendees and as such most exhibitors are willing to make the most of the marketing deliverables provided by the organizers.

The focus has been on newsletter and advertising. By marketing the event mostly by its name or that of the organizer while the participant or promoted as listed mentions.

With the growth of innovation, we can now make your LOGO become a digital connect between the exhibitors and the attendees. Your LOGO can now be an experience provider. An informant. Your logo can go beyond being a design to becoming an initiator of the connect that your exhibitors aspire to achieve with the attendees.

We have made ENRICH with the ability to achieve all of the above for your LOGO and ensure that exhibitors are able to connect with Every Individual Attendee by making the most of video marketing {all exhibitors immaterial of product, service and size make use of videos} and personalized connect {communication} to connect with prospective customers from amongst the attendees.

Unlimited reach. Partner, subscribe to ENRICH and enable anyone to take a look at your logo from any source - print advertisement, digital advertisement, at venue banners and get connected with your exhibitors in an immersive manner. Enable your exhibitors to attain leads, form connection, develop familiarity and also initiate sales even before the attendee enters the venue.

Reach us by mailing to with a brief bio about your Event, Expo and Fair to get a customized demo of the functioning of ENRICH to experience its potential in unleashing the power of your LOGO.

We look forward to ENRICHing your LOGO


This is a promotional communication for ENRICH developed by Metanoic Minds


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