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Events have two major functional sources of revenue (1) Sponsorship (2) Ticketing

and ENRICH increases the function, result attained from both.

(1) Sponsorship

The essence of sponsorship can be summed in the following;

  • [1] The focus of sponsorship pitches is on the medium or media, rather than concept.

  • [2] Extend the reach of your sponsors through promotion

  • [3] Convert leads to potential sponsors by emphasising upon deliverables from your side

With ENRICH, we give you a new medium to connect your sponsors with attendees in a never before, more engaging manner developed to provide the sponsors with customer connect, leads and sales.

ENRICH unlike other current prevailing mediums uses the combined use of Videos and Coupon Offers, the former establishing the brand presence, recall of the promoted brand and is the most preferred form of marketing and the later is the time tested sales inducing form of marketing.

ENRICH by positioning the offers from the sponsors akin to prizes enables you, the event organizer to further add value and intrinsic branding to the sponsors.

The addition of a new deliverable to yous sponsorship pitches enables you to increase your sponsoring plans.


(2) Ticketing

Ticket have been a proof of the concept of demand and supply economy. The limited ticket {capacity} making them more valuable. However, the value of the ticket ends on enter of the premise but we have extended the functionality of a ticket.


ENRICH enables every ticket buyer to scan their ticket and get connected to a sponsor and sponsor with the attendees. Unlike other ticket associated marketing, ENRICH is not only digital in nature but also removes the concept of luck by ensuring that every ticket buyer gets rewarded.


ENRICH further understands the need for experience and uniqueness from attendees and caters to it by equipping you, the organizers to promote the sponsors in a dynamic manner controlled by you in sync with the sponsorship plans of the biggest sponsor attaining maximum promotion. ENRICH connects different sponsor to each ticket buyer making their experience unique.


As a value addition to tickets, the assured reward further doubles as a marketing, promotional tool to connect with more people and attract more attendees, event footfall.  


Enriching all from Conferences, Demo Days, Expos, Live events, Product launches, Sports and Trade shows

Events Section
Events Section
Clubs Societies - Image.png

Looking to provide bigger benefits and more perks to your club members? With ENRICH, it's possible to achieve growth and add instant value to your society, no matter how big or small. Whether you're just starting out or have been established for some time, we can help you enrich your value. Contact us today to learn more.

Clubs and Societies, Whether sports league, chamber, non-profit, association, gym — if you call your organization a club or society and rely on a membership model, it is most likely that you collect membership fees. 


The membership fees collected from members is utilized by such clubs towards providing various facilities, amenities, privileges, and for the use of club property. 

We understand that, every organization needs a consistent revenue stream for it enables you to nurture existing members and reach new ones, plan activities in sync with the mission objectives of the group as a whole.

The challenge is that membership hike is a reluctant topic for members and often causes the shutdown of clubs and societies.  

ENRICH assists in the value addition and revenue prospects of clubs and societies. We have 5+ brands [and constantly growing] on our platform, willing to extend their exclusive offers to your members.

We also provide customized pricing based on your membership headcount and convert the logo, name beneath which the members unite as their exclusive identity to now become a digital engager by adding value to the privilege of being your member. We help your connect and onboard more sponsors to grow the club - with perks, facilities and surplus revenue for future growth.

Clubs Societies


You invest two of the most important commodities - your time and money and make the effort, commute braving the elements and traffic to make an event special with your presence. So, why just be part of a number? Why just be one more to the headcount? Your time and money deserves more and we with ENRICH, are all about elevating your experience by ensuring that you get rewarded for attending.


Download ENRICH app and make it part of your event attending experiences. 

Attendees Detail

The Scannable

At any ENRICH partnered event, now you can open the app to scan the likes of Name, Logo, Ticket, Posters, Banners and IDs of the event that you are attending across; Conferences, Demo Days, Expos, Live Events, Product Launches, Sports and Trade Shows with the same technological power now extended to even Associations, Clubs and Societies.

Its time to get ENRICHED!

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