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Attention all Clubs and Societies


Unleash the Power of Reward as Motivation. Boost Attendance and Dedication

Delivered by a “0” code platform technologically, ENRICH

Whatever be the nature of your club, society – Sports training or NGO, we help you take your organization to the next level and reward your members for their dedication and participation?

Look no further than our innovative Club and Society Reward Program! Here's why you don't want to miss out:

Daily rewards for members. Helps increase memberships and goodwill, dedication for members existing and new. We will provide exclusive offers daily. Now you have the power to reward - offer membership benefits as like Banks with their credit card offers, no matter how many people are in your club, we ENRICH your growth. 

Registration. We provide a simple built-in registration that is customizable for specific events conducted by the club or for enrolling new members to the club. Crates a database of all attendees and members which can be accessed by the clubs administrators.

Mobile presence.gif

Mobile Presence. One can never have enough mediums to connect. This is why despite having a website, a social media presence is mandate. We create for you a mobile presence with a dedicated page in-ENRICH to connect more effortlessly and dynamically.


It is through this page that members will attain their Daily Rewards ensuring that all members are up to date on the happening at the organization.

Ticketing. A complete platform for ticketing and promotion of events.

Notification. A presence in ENRICH mobile app equips your organization to Promote Events, Communicate, Attain New Members using the Notification feature.


The, Notification feature performs like a Digital Shout-out for sponsors during events adding a new layer of promotion for enriched sponsorship commitments, financing of events by sponsors.  


Sponsorship. All events need sponsors for hosting the events and meeting the expenses associated in hosting of the event.

Companies and brands turn sponsor based on the mediums of promotions provided by the event. The more the event sponsors are promoted the bigger is their sponsorship commitment. The intention is to connect with the attendees and attain prospective leads and sales.

During such events, ENRICH, in a 0 code manner converts the logo of the club, society to become a Digital Engager and Connector. This is achieved by enabling ALL attendees to scan the logo of the event, club or society in ENRICH app and get connected with the sponsors of the event, first by display of their video and second by a following offer or form.

This provides sponsors better, stronger presence, recall, leads and sales as compared to pictorial depiction of their logo on event backdrops, newsletters and social media mentions.

Reach us using the form below to know how we can implement ENRICH for your club, society for ENRICHed Benefits.

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