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Arts, Fests, Conference & Sports...Monetization

Live events of diverse nature has been taking place for a very long time. Some dedicated to particular genre such as Art, Culture, Conference, Expos, Fests or Sports based. However, they all have something in common. Let us see if it is obvious from the image below. Hint - Its a source of revenue.

All events need revenue if not to turn profit but to cover their operational overheads as events are not a one person result though the idea can stem from an individual its success is dependent on the coming together of a team of people working towards a common goal. Now that the need for "Revenue" for events {in general} has been established let us look at the common factor prevalent across all events;

(1) Ticket Sales (2) Sponsorship

Ticket - Without this ticket the audience cannot view the event live and the only innovation in ticketing from its inception is its migration from print to digital format but in either form its value, use ends on entering the premise, venue of the event.

Sponsorship - The term sponsors is now interchanged with "Partners" though both have different meanings and objectives. Sponsorship is when businesses "pay" the event organizer to get associated with the particular event and in return attain only "Impression" which is visibility in the form of having their brand logo displayed at strategic location at event venue. Impression is not Engagement and definitely not SALES, the mission of all businesses.

ENRICH as a new platform combined Ticket and Sponsorship to make the Ticket {event Pass/ID/Band etc} become a connector between Every Individual Attendee and the Sponsors, Digitally on a Mobile platform.

At ENRICH partnered events, the attendees will be able to scan their ticket {or its equivalent} in ENRICH app and will be connected with a sponsor in a dynamic manner which mimics the sponsor`s association with the event to ensure that the biggest sponsor attains maximum promotion - the thought which went in the creation of the Sponsor Ranking which is an integral part of the functioning of ENRICH.

The process - (1) Scan Ticket (2) Watch Commercial by Sponsor (3) Get Rewarded

It is an approach which rewards every attendee, spectator for their presence and without concept of luck rewards everyone adding to the value of the ticket. The display of video of sponsors provides them with a stronger relation with the event for branding and recall. The coupon provides the impetus and a Call-to-Action leading to sales which has been non-existent in events till date.

The initial use of ENRICH is documented in the website { ENRICH page} and we invite Event Organizers, Commercial Directors and Stakeholders to reach us at to get a customized demo of ENRICH for your event and Open New Revenue Channel by including ENRICH as a part of the Sponsorship Program extended by the event that provides a Unique Attendee/Fan Experience.

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