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Metanoic Minds Private Limited

Metanoic Minds inspired by Metanoia is the result of coming together of creatives, dreamers, mavericks & more who are on a journey to create something new & epic.


Introducing ENRICH, the flagship proprietary tech platform from Metanoic Minds, now available on Google Play Store! Designed for event organizers, hosts, sponsors, and attendees.


ENRICH is the only "Scan to Experience" platform that offers a seamless and immersive event experience. Download ENRICH today and take your events, sessions to the next level!

Download ENRICH from 

Google Play Store

To know more on how ENRICH can integrate and assist the growth of your event, club, Explore ENRICH

Select your category to know more on how ENRICH assists your event


“Metanoia' [meh-ta-noy-ah] Greek (n) the journey of changing one`s mind, heart, self or way of life”
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Join us on this new path which we have chosen to trod on so together we will have our moments on making significant contributions by "Standing on the shoulder of giants" & we will experience creativity, passion & joy in making something NEW

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