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"Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude." – Lou Holtz

We dreamt, we imagined, we dared and we made something that now provides Events, Teams, Stadiums with a NEW unexplored source of;

(1) Revenue Generation

(2) Fan Experience

At a time when everyone is craving for personalized attention, we provide you with the platform to do just that by making an ever present medium, Ticket become a Digital Connector between the event/team/stadium sponsors and Every Individual Attendee/Fan.

No one knows when "Ticket" started. Ture, it form the basic of Demand and Supply yet the history of its origin is not clear. Its just there and will always be there. In its early phase collecting of the ticket stubs was a bragging right but now we have migrated to digital ones. Print or Digital, the value of the ticket ends with entry inside venue.

With ENRICH we have successfully added to the role and value of a ticket. We have extended it from being a must for entry to a substance key to Fan Experience. We made this transition by converting an event band -

to connect sponsors with every individual attendee of the event when the above, handed out to each attendee was scanned in ENRICH app. The process remains the same and is transformable to Tickets. The pictorial end-user journey is as follows;

Scan ticket - Watch Vide of Sponsors - Get Coupon from Sponsor.

ENRICH on addition to the sponsor program provides sponsor with a Mobile connect with every attendee wherein;

  • the Video provides strongest Brand Presence, Recall

  • the Coupon is a Call-to-Action leading to SALES

  • As every attendee/fan gets rewarded it becomes a Selling Point for Tickets

  • Assured reward adds to Fan Experience

ENRICH helps attain more and bigger sponsorships with new deliverable and increases the value of ticket for increased ticketing revenue, the 2 major sources of revenue at Events, Sports since inception.

If you are an Event Organizer, Sports Team or a Venue, reach us by emailing to and we will provide a functional demo version of ENRICH for you to experience the potential that ENRICH has to offer to your Event, Sport and Venue.

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